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North Carolina Secretary of State Electronic Notarization ManualOrder and Redeem digital Electronic Notarization Manuals Online

The NC Secretary of State’s Office now provides a digital copy of your eNotary Manual available for ordering online via our website. This publication must be purchased in bulk by colleges or universities for distribution to students who have registered to take an Electronic Notarization course.

Below please find links to our online ordering process, or if you are a student and already have a code, select the link to redeem your digital Electronic Notarization Manual.

(If you do not have an eNotary Manual Key Code contact the college or university you registered with to take the eNotary course. DO NOT contact the Secretary of State’s office to obtain a Key Code.)

Order Manual(s) Online Redeem Code
College/University administrators and College Bookstore purchase managers ONLY ONLY for students who are paid registrants for an Electronic Notary Public Course to Redeem and download the Electronic Notarization Manual.
  • Use the link below to order up to 100 codes to be redeemed for digital versions of the Electronic Notarization Manual.
  • You must pay by credit card.
  • Provide the students with the instructions at the link below to redeem their Electronic Notary Public Manual: “eNotary Manual Redeeming Instructions – for Students
  • If you have received an eNotary Manual Key Code(s) after registering and paying for the Electronic Notary Public Course with a college or university click the link below to redeem and download your digital version of the Electronic Notarization Manual.
  • If you have not registered and paid for the electronic notarization course at a college and have not obtained an eNotary Manual Key Code it is not possible to redeem and download the Electronic Notary Manual.
  • Contact the educational institution you would like to take the Electronic Notary course with for instructions on how to register for the course and obtain the required text book.

Do not contact the Secretary of State for eNotary Manual Key Codes.
eNotary Manual Ordering Instructions – for Colleges/Universities
eNotary Manual Redeeming Instructions – for Students
eNotary Manual Redeeming Instructions – for Students
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