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E-filing Your Corporation’s Tax Returns? Remember, Annual Reports Must Be Filed at the Secretary of State’s Office:
The Department of Revenue (DOR) has a new e-file capability for business corporation tax returns. However, DOR’s system DOES NOT permit or accommodate the e-filing of annual reports. Therefore, it is CRITICAL that you e-file your annual report directly with the Secretary of State, which you may do by going here:


The process is simple, easy, and costs less than filing it in paper form ($20 for e-filing with the SOS instead of $25 for mailing a paper annual report to DOR).

If you have any questions about filing an annual report online, please see the instructions for online annual report filing which may be found at the link above.

Step-by-step instructional video for filing a business corporation annual report with the NC Department of the Secretary of State

Thank you for helping the Secretary of State’s Office keep your business records accurate and up-to-date.

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