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If you have any questions about annual reports there are Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and YouTube Videos on how to file online.

Annual Report Due Dates

Each Business Entity has its own due dates for filing the annual report. Click “Get Started” for the due dates for each type of entity.

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Begin Online Annual Report Process

Click “Get Started” to search for the entity name.

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Mail Annual Report

You may need to mail the annual report if you are changing the Registered Agent Name. Click “Get Started” to find out how to file the annual report by mail or over the counter.

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Summary of Online Annual Report Process

The process to file your annual reports online is simple. The steps include:

  • Searching for your business entity name;
  • On the search result page, in the last column entitled "Actions/Type” click on the monitor icon. If you scroll your cursor over each icon it will tell you what you can do. Seasonally, we also provide a quick link from the Main Secretary of State's Home Page.
  • If your entity doesn’t have a monitor icon, open the profile by clicking on the underlined company name and view annual report filings by clicking “File an Annual Report/Amend an Annual Report at the top of the page. You will see all annual reports previously filed including the creation document. Your company may have already filed or your entity type is not required to file an annual report. Check out the information above regarding due dates. Only those entities listed are required to file annual reports.
  • Click the button “File Most Recent Annual Report” to be guided through the online process.

Please Note: When you are at the payment screen, please do not double click or go back in your browser and move forward again after you have already clicked to submit the annual report with payment as you may be billed twice.

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