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Business RegistrationComplete and Submit Forms Online

The NC Secretary of State’s Office provides online form creation and electronic submission for many of the most popular business creation/formation documents. The first step of the process, if you have never logged into the website before, is to create an account and sign in.

The documents available are listed on the first page of the process. The Agency is working to make more online forms available. If you don’t see the entity type, please view the forms listing for a PDF Fillable document.

The benefits of using online form creation and submission are:

  • Faster turn-around time
  • Lower rejection rate
  • Name checking for availability built into the process
  • Ability to check status on your submission
  • Electronic payment of fees
  • Ability to save your form for future submission (under construction)

Please Note:
This is a submission process. Documents using this tool will be manually examined for compliance to applicable statutes prior to filing by NC Secretary of State.

You may need to upload a PDF file containing additional provisions, licensing board certifications, certificates of existence, or a non-profit corporation’s distribution upon dissolution provision. Please note that you cannot upload By-Laws or Mission Statements; these documents are not filed with our office and cannot be included as part of the Articles of Incorporation. Please have the PDF file(s) available before starting your filing.

Annual Reports

You may file your annual reports online. This process is a real-time filing, which means you have completed the filing as soon as you click submit.

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