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eCommerce Pilot Program

The Department of the Secretary of State is committed to making North Carolina a clear leader in electronic commerce and has created the framework for a statewide Electronic Commerce Pilot Program in order to facilitate adoption of electronic signatures, electronic notarization and electronic recording throughout the State.

Over the past 10 years, we have constructed the legal framework including laws authorizing electronic signatures, electronic notarizations and electronic recording to provide the state with the capability to use electronic processes to execute legal documents, contracts, real property documents, court filings and other documents.

Today, our government, business, financial, educational, legal, medical, research and law enforcement communities can leverage these new electronic tools to speed government services, create real world efficiencies and cost savings for North Carolina businesses and allow the State to better compete in the global marketplace.

The ecommerce Pilot Program is designed to facilitate the exploration and implementation of electronic signatures, electronic notarization and electronic recording. This is an opportune time for counties, banks, credit unions, state agencies, law firms, educational institutions and other interested entities to begin piloting these new tools to evaluate the many benefits of these electronic processes.

Organizations interested in developing a Pilot should click on the link below to download the E-Commerce Pilot Proposal Form, complete the form and submit it to our Electronic Notarization Analyst and Director, Ozie Stallworth. Mr. Stallworth will follow-up with you to facilitate your participation in the E-commerce Pilot. Feel free to contact Mr. Stallworth directly at [email protected] with any questions you may have about the pilot program.

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