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Membership Camping Operator

Membership Camping Act

Article 31, Chapter 66, North Carolina General Statutes

It is unlawful for any salesperson to offer, or, to sell any membership camping contract in North Carolina unless registered with the Secretary of State.

Some Definitions

A more thorough list of words defined can be found in the statute.

Any single tract or parcel of real property within North Carolina on which there are at least ten (10) camping sites
Membership Camping Contract or Membership Camping Agreement
Any written agreement of more than one year’s duration, executed in whole or in part within North Carolina, which grants to the purchaser rights or license to use the campground of a membership camping operator or any portion thereof. Any agreement which constitutes a “time-share instrument” as defined in G.S. 93A-41 is excluded from this definition.
Membership Camping Operator
is any person who owns or operates a campground and offers or sells membership camping contracts. A membership camping operator shall not include:
  • An enterprise that is exempt from federal income tax under §501(C) of the Internal Revenue Code;
  • An enterprise that is exempt from State income tax under Article 4 of Chapter 105 of the General Statutes; or
  • Mobile home parks wherein the residents occupy the premises as their primary homes or have leased or purchased a lot for their exclusive use.
A person who enters into a membership camping contract with the membership camping operator.
An individual, other than a membership camping operator, who offers to sell a membership camping contract or agreement by means of a direct sales presentation, but does not include a person who merely refers a prospective purchaser to a salesperson without making any direct sales presentation.

Documents Filed With NC Secretary of State

Application for Registration

Other Required Documents

Membership Camping Operator’s Disclosure Statement

Membership Camping Contract or Agreement


Registration Amount
Initial registration as membership campground operator $1,500.00
Renewal of registration as membership campground operator $1,000.00
*Make check payable to "NC Secretary of State".

Update of Information

The registration of the membership camping operator shall be renewed annually with the fee not later than 30 days prior to the anniversary of the current registration. The application shall include all changes which have occurred in the information included in the application previously filed.

Submit Document Package to:

Mailing Address for Regular Mail:

NC Secretary of State
Membership Camping
Post Office Box 29622
Raleigh, North Carolina 27626-0622

Street Address for Overnight Mail:

NC Secretary of State
Membership Camping
2 South Salisbury Street
Raleigh, North Carolina 27601-2903

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