Customer Service Survey

You have been randomly selected from the recent filers at this Department to be invited to participate in this Customer Service Survey. It would be very helpful if you would complete our survey. Please answer all questions and press the "Submit Responses" button at the end of the survey to record your responses.

My Responses relate to my experience with the following unit:

How did you contact us:

I. General/Overall:
Overall, I am satisfied with the services I received.
Overall, I am satisfied with my experience.

II. Staff:
The staff members were able to answer my questions.
The staff members were courteous and helpful.

III. Communications:
My telephone call, e-mail, or letter was directed to the proper person.
I received the information I needed.

IV. Timeliness:
My telephone, letter, or e-mail inquiry was initially responded to in a reasonable amount of time.
The time I waited for paperwork to be processed was reasonable.

V. Complaint Handling Process:
I know how to make a complaint about an entity whose actions are regulated by the Secretary of State.
I know how to make a complaint regarding agency services at this agency.
When I complained regarding agency services, it was responded to in a reasonable and satisfactory manner.

VI. Printed Information:
The agency provided information that was clear and understandable.

VII. Facilities:
The office is physically open during hours that are adequate for my business purposes.

VIII. Web Site:
I am able to access information about the agency services I need using the Department's website.
Do you access these services in other states electronically?
If yes, how does North Carolina compare with the other states?
The website was easy to use and well organized.
The website contained clear and accurate information on services and contact information.

Your suggestions on how we may better serve you or, any other customer comments are greatly appreciated. If you would like us to contact you about your responses, please include your name, phone number, or email address with your suggestions and comments in the box below. Thank you.