Good afternoon.I am Sandy Carmany, a member of the Greensboro City Council.I bring official greetings from our mayor and other members of our council to our honored guests and welcome you to North Carolina on their behalf.  My involvement with Moldova began when Greensboro became a Sister City with the Buiucani sector of Chisinau.I represented our city at the official signing ceremony in Chisinau in June 2000 and now serve as the council’s liaison with Moldova.  Another North Carolina city, Winston-Salem, formed a sister city relationship with Ungheni at that same time.


Sister Cities is an international organization that pairs two cities from different countries as partners or “sisters.”The purpose of this official partnership is --

Citizens in Greensboro and Winston-Salem have been involved in numerous activities with our Moldovan counterparts through Sister Cities and other organizations.  Those activities include:

As you have heard, many friendships and relationships have been formed between businesses and citizens of Moldova and North Carolina through the Sister Cities program and other civic and religious organizations.We hope these connections will continue to grow and prosper as the ties between North Carolina and Moldova strengthen.There will always be an open heart and open doors for our friends from Moldova.