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Attention civic, service, church, school and other non-profit organizations: 

Do you want to be a part of North Carolina's effort to help the people of the Republic of Moldova develop their country into a healthy and prosperous democracy? Are you looking for service opportunities? If so please consider the list of service projects that have been specially selected to benefit the people of Moldova. These projects will enable Moldova to economically prosper and will promote democracy. For more information or to select a project please contact Ms. Lucia Candu ( at the United States Agency for International Development - Local Government Reform Project office in Chisinau, Moldova. Ms. Candu is a Municipal Services Specialist, is fluent in English and is assigned to help us implement this effort. Once you have agreed to carry out a project with Ms. Candu, please notify us so we can move it to the "in progress" category. At that time, if you want us to recognize your participation in a particular project, please provide us the appropriate names and contact information.

Best regards,
Lucia Candu

Links to projects that may be selected:

Antonesti | Badiceni | Chadyr-Lunga | Cimislia | Floresti | Gribova | Leova | Singera | Singerei | Suruceni | Zberoaia




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