North Carolina - Moldova Partnership




Between the Republic of Moldova and the State of North Carolina

The Republic of Moldova and the State of North Carolina, hereinafter referred to as "the Parties,"

WHEREAS the Republic of Moldova and the State of North Carolina acknowledge and agree that there is much to be gained from a commitment to mutual cooperation, coordination and understanding; and

CONSIDERING the varied and promising experience gained by the Republic of Moldova and the State of North Carolina through their participation in the National Guard State Partnership Program; and

GIVEN our desire to strengthen the good relations existing between North Carolina and the Republic of Moldova; and

IN AS MUCH AS we intend to cooperate further to forge the ties of friendship and to foster the gradual expansion of cultural, governmental, academic, and civic exchanges between North Carolina and the Republic of Moldova, 

do hereby agree as follows:



The aforesaid cooperation may involve:

        a) joining hands to foster civic exchanges in order to gain reciprocal understanding;

        b) supporting scientific, academic and scholarly pursuits;

        c) increasing cultural awareness and understanding of shared values through the arts, humanities, and education;

        d) promoting the enhancement of the quality of life through academic and student exchanges;

        e) identifying existing private sector cooperation and encouraging their continued development.




In order to sustain the aforesaid cooperation, a bilateral committee will be formed, composed, on behalf of the State of North Carolina, of representatives from the Office of the Governor, the Department of Commerce, the North Carolina National Guard, the North Carolina Department of Agriculture, the North Carolina Department of the Secretary of State, the North Carolina Department of Labor, North Carolina State University, the University of north Carolina Exchange Program, and 5 citizens to appointed by the Governor.  The Republic of Moldova will appoint committee members as appropriate.  The committee should:

        a) meet annually or as otherwise agreed on;

        b) be co-chaired by persons from public and private sector;

        c) invite other governmental agencies to participate in working groups as appropriate;

        d) report annual progress of this cooperative agreement to the President of the Republic of Moldova and the Governor of the State of North Carolina.




The Parties to this Memorandum of Intent may:

        a) share human resources and expertise as they become available and which are necessary for the execution of the activities contemplated by this declaration;

        b) utilize resources to promote collaboration between the governments of the Republic of Moldova and  North Carolina with respect to the development of international trade as well as the dissemination of cultural, scholarly, and scientific information;

        c) provide the opportunity for professional, scholarly, and governmental staff exchanges;

        d) provide authorized individuals such assistance as maybe appropriate to facilitate travel between North Carolina and the Republic of Moldova, e.g. research permissions, visas, customs documents, etc.  While guests in the host country, exchange participants shall enjoy all protections afforded to National Guardsmen participating in the State Partnership Program.  The status of all exchange participants is set by applicable valid legislation of the host country. 

By subscribing to this Memorandum of Intent, neither Parties shall be obligated to provide funding or direct appropriations to implement the achievement of its goals.  The Parties understand that there is currently no allocation in their budgets for this endeavor.




   There shall be no fiscal exemptions for exchange participants.  All shall abide by applicable State, Federal, and Moldovan laws pertaining to travel and fiscal responsibility.




        To facilitate the execution of this Memorandum, there will be ongoing communications between the Parties.




This Memorandum of Intent is a declaration intended to express the good will of the Parties involved.  It does not constitute an international agreement, nor does it create any obligation for the United States of America or the Republic of Moldova under international law.  It is the intent of the Parties to work in a spirit of cooperation for their mutual economic, cultural, and scholarly benefits.




This document shall remain in effect, upon being signed, for a period of five (5) years.  Upon expiration it maybe extended for an additional one (1) to five (5) year increments by the mutual agreement of both signatories.  It made be terminated at any time by either Party through delivery of a writing signed by an authorized representative.




This document signed in four (4) copies, two (2) in English and two (2) in Moldovan.

For the State of North Carolina                                                For the Republic of Moldova

The Governor                                                                           The President

(James B. Hunt Jr.)                                                                   (Petru Lucinschi)


Raleigh, North Carolina April 22, 1999