North Carolina - Moldova Partnership



University Partnership - In December of 1998, Frank M. Swett, in his capacity at that time as Military Liaison Team Chief, discussed the possibility of a university partnership in Moldova with the Public Affairs Officer at the U. S. Embassy, Julianne Paunescu. Mrs. Paunescu pointed out that there was funding available through the United States Information Agency to support these partnerships, but so far no US institutions had expressed an interest. Mr. Swett discussed the possibility with Rector Cimpoes of the State Agrarian University of Moldova, who enthusiastically supported the concept. Back in North Carolina, NC State University and UNC-Greensboro both agreed to participate. Dr. Bill Crowther, from UNC-G, agreed to write the grant proposal for the UNC system, which was approved in 1999. The primary institutions in North Carolina are UNC-G, for business partnered with the International Institute for Management in Chisinau, and NC State University, for agriculture represented by Dr. George Wilson, partnered with the State Agrarian University of Moldova. As of June, 2001 there have been a total of ten exchanges of professors and administrators between the universities, and more are planned for September, 2001.

High School Partnership - In 1999 a high school partnership was begun between Ion Creanga Liceu in Chisinau and Northern Forsyth High School in Winston-Salem, NC. The students of both schools posted biographies on a joint web page, read books together, and did book reports as class projects. The teachers involved were Candi Lavender at Northern Forsyth and Valentina Mitrofan at Ion Creanga. (Students at North Forsyth raised money for a donation to an orphanage in Moldova. This provided fresh milk to the children for a year.)

In 2001 Mrs. Lavender began working at Parkland High School in Winston-Salem and formed a second partnership with Lyceum V. Alecsandri in Ungheni with teachers, Elena Chelaru and Diane Rectu. Students at Parkland shared information about Moldova with their student body. Both schools created virtual field trips of their communities. In 2002 students are working on a project to collect, share, and compare local folktales. Mrs. Lavender went to Moldova in September 2001 and visited both partnership schools.

The partnerships were organized and facilitated by Ms. Diane Midness of the Center for International Understanding.

Moldovan Sponsorship Program - sponsoring young orphans to assists with their education; Ms. Sandy Carmany, through the Carolina Adoption Services has participated in the recruitment of a number of people in Greensboro to participate in the program as well.