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Moldova Committee Members

September 20, 2002

Bi-Lateral Committee 

Ion Stavila Deputy Minister of External Affairs (Co-President of the Committee)
Valeriu Mironescue Prime Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Food Industry
Sergiu Saincuic Prime Deputy Minister of Labor and Social Protection
Nicolae Stratan

Deputy Minister of Ecology, Territory Construction and Development

Eugenia Chistruga Republic of Moldova President’s Advisor on External PoliciesAspects
Marian Lupu Deputy Minister of Economy
Tudor Cojocaru Deputy Minister of Education
Leonora Morosan Chief of Industrial Cooperation and External Affairs Branch,Ministry of Industry
Vera Rusu Chief of External Affairs branch, Ministry of Energy
Silviu Domete Chief of External Affairs Branch, Ministry of Health
Artur Buzdugan

Director of Metrology and Automation of Scientific Research Center, National Academy of Science

Vlad Ababii Captain, Ministry of Defense
Aurelia Salicov Chief of External Affairs Department, Parliament of Republic ofMoldova
Ion Apostol

Chief of International Relations Section, Department of Emergency

Victor Nicolaev

Chief of the Section within the General Branch for Europe and America, Ministry of External Affairs

Petru Gaugas Vice President of the Moldova State University
Ion Tighineanu Vice President of the Technical University of Moldova, External Relations Section
Mihai Rumleanschi Vice President of the State University “Aleco Russo” of Balti
Ana Gutu Vice President of the Free International University of Moldova
Anton Moraru Vice President of the State University of Cahul
Nicolae Banuh Vice President of State Pedagogic University “Ion Creanga”
Victor Rosca Vice President of State Agriculture University of Moldova
Valeriu Chicu Vice President of State Medicine and Pharmaceutics University  “Nicolae Testemiteanu”
Alexandru Onofrei Vice President of State University of Comrat
Valentin Bodiul General Director of “Cricova” S.A. Wine Factory
Pavel Filip General Director of “Bucuria” Joint Venture
Anatolie Cislaru President of “Carmez” Joint Venture
Boris Boincean Director of Field Crop Scientific Research Institute “Selectia”
Gheorghe Nafornita

Commercial Director of “Tutun-CTC” Factory

Former Committee Members


Carpov Eugen  Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs (co-president of the  Committee)
Bucun Nicolae  First Deputy-Minister of Education and Science
Bumacov Vasile First deputy-Minister of Agriculture and Processing Industry
Pinzaru Iurie Counselor to the President of the Republic of Moldova on foreign policy
Gaberi Gheorghe Deputy – Minister of Economy and Reforms
Mija Valeriu  Captain, Ministry of Defense
Cirstea Nicon Deputy Director General of the Department of Civil Protection and Emergencies
Galbur Andrei Counselor in the General Department of Europe and North  America, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Gaugas Petru First Deputy – Rector of Moldova State University
Rumleanschi Mihai Pro-Rector of "Aleco Russo" State University of Bălţi
Popa Andrei  Pro – Rector of State University of Cahul
Chicu Valeriu  Pro – Rector of "Nicolae Testemiţanu" State University of  Medicine and Pharmacology
Onofrei Alexandru  Pro – Rector of State University of Comrat 
Rosca Victor Pro – Rector of Moldova State Agricultural University
Buzdugan Artur

Director of the Automatization Centre of Scientific and  Metrological Research, Academy of Science of Moldova

Boincean Boris  Director of RPA "Selecţia" Research Institute for field crops
Bodiul Valentin Director General of "Cricova" Champaign and brand wines factory
Tarlev Vasile Director General of "Bucuria" Joint Stock Enterprise
Gozun Anatolie Director General of "Conversia" Holding
Cislari Anatolie Chairman of "Carmez" Joint Stock Enterprise


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