The Secretary of State administers the Land Records Management Program for the purposes of (i) advising registers of deeds, local tax officials, and local planning officials about sound management practices, and (ii) establishing greater uniformity in local land records systems. G.S. §147-54.3. The Secretary of State, in cooperation with the Secretary of Cultural Resources, establishes and maintains minimum standards with regard to the uniform indexing of land records. Toward this end, the N. C. Association of Registers of Deeds, in conjunction with the Real Property Section of the N. C. Bar Association and the N. C. Department of the Secretary of State developed the “Minimum Standards for Indexing Real Property Instruments” The standards were implemented statewide beginning in January 1995. The standards contain uniform procedures to be used by all Registers of Deeds for indexing land records. The Land Records Indexing Compliance Review Project began in July 2008. The Secretary of State’s review team conducted comprehensive reviews of the indexing software systems currently being used to generate paper and on-line indexes in Registers of Deeds offices. Click here to view the list of software vendors who have been determined to be in compliance with the standards.