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Before you write to Secretary Marshall, see if your question has already been answered here. If it's not, please email her.--She'll be happy to answer questions about her job and about North Carolina!

Where can I get color brochures about North Carolina?

Call the North Carolina Department of Travel and Tourism at 1-800-VISIT NC. Also, if you just want some pictures, you can print out the photographs in our Photo Gallery.

Does the Secretary of State's Office have an information packet for me to use for my school project?

No, unfortunately we do not. However, you can probably find the answers to most of your questions right here on our web page. If you haven't looked there yet, try our Almanac.

Why does the North Carolina state flag look like it does?

The colors of the state flag were chosen to match the colors of the United States flag. In the U.S. flag, red stands for hardiness and courage, white is for purity and innocence, and blue is vigilance and justice. The dates on the flag also have a special meaning--May 20, 1775 was the date of the Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence and April 12, 1776 was the date of the Halifax Resolves.

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