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About the Constitutional Amendments Publication Commission

The Constitutional Amendments Publication Commission was established by the General Assembly in 1983. G.S. § 147-54.8.


The Commission has three members:


The Commission has duties to perform when the General Assembly enacts a law that creates a ballot question regarding whether North Carolina voters want to amend the Constitution of North Carolina in a specified way. Those duties include:

  1. To prepare an explanation of the amendment, revision, or new Constitution in "“simple and commonly used language”, and
  2. To prepare a short caption reflecting the contents [of the change].

After the Commission completes its work, by law, the Department of the Secretary of State prints the summary and publicizes it. The Commission’s captions will appear on the ballot.

What the Commission Does Not and Cannot Do

  • The Commission does not decide whether an amendment should be put before the voters on a ballot.
  • The Commission cannot alter the words of a proposed constitutional amendment. The Commission also does not have the authority to change the way the question about an amendment is worded on the ballot. The North Carolina General Assembly decides how a constitutional change will be worded and how the question about it will appear on the ballot.
  • It is not the role of the CAPC to tell citizens how to vote on an amendment.