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Boards and Commissions

Boards, Councils and Commissions

Boards, councils and commissions do much of the work of State government. There are many different names for such entities. In this article, they are all lumped together as “boards”.

Laws passed by the General Assembly create some boards. The Governor and agency heads set up other boards. Responsibilities of boards vary widely and are set out in law, rule or agency documents. Boards may make policy or regulatory decisions on issues of statewide importance. Other boards may offer advice and policy recommendations on such issues.

The members of the State boards may be citizen volunteers appointed by the Governor or other State leaders. Other board members may serve on a board because they hold a certain position in government. For example, Secretary of State Marshall serves on the North Carolina Council of State because she was elected as Secretary of State.

The Secretary of State’s Office has responsibilities for three boards created by State laws. You will find information about them on this page.

We also have limited responsibility with regard to other boards and you will find information about those responsibilities as well:

  • We receive and publish State boards’ regular meeting schedules. Click here to view the Public Meetings Calendar.
  • We receive and make available the annual and financial reports of occupational licensing boards.

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