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2021 Certificate of Existence Scheme

NC Certificate Service has mailed out forms so that businesses can order a NC Secretary of State Certificate of Existence at a cost of $82.00. This is a business scheme and not necessary. Businesses are not required to order a Certificate of Existence as a step in the formation process. See below for more information about Certificates of Existence.

This company is using public information on the records of the Secretary of State’s office to solicit North Carolina businesses. Please click this sentence to see a copy of the scheme mailing.

Certificate of Existence

You can order a Certificate of Existence directly from the Secretary of State’s Office for $15 or less. (See table below) A Certificate of Existence is a certificate issued by the Secretary of State setting out particulars of the organization and status of business entity. The certificate may be relied upon by any person as conclusive evidence that the domestic or foreign corporation is in existence or is authorized to transact business in North Carolina.
Certificates of Existence can be ordered from the Secretary of State’s Office in paper or electronic form.

Method Of Order Contact Info Type of Order Fee
Phone 919-814-5400 Paper $15 plus $1 per page
Online Electronic $10 plus $1 per page

If you want to order an electronic certificate online, you will need to create an account to track your orders and search the entity by name. Click Here to go to the Secretary of State Home Page to login or create an account. This type of mailing is making its way across the country.

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