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Online Creation Wizard Submission Method

The NC Secretary of State’s Office provides online form creation and electronic submission to create new businesses.

The benefits of using the Online Creation Wizard are:

  • No need to download a form, save to your computer, fill it out and sign
  • Faster turn-around time
  • Lower rejection rate
  • Name checking for availability built into the process
  • Ability to check status on your submission
  • Ability to Upload supporting documentation separately
Please Note:
  1. This is a submission process. Documents using this tool are manually examined for compliance to applicable statutes prior to filing by NC Secretary of State.
  2. If you represent a law firm or corporate service provider and you want or need to use your own form, please contact [email protected] for instructions.
If you want to view a video tutorial on the process, please click the link below. Please note, that the tutorial was created prior to the quick link blue button being provided on the division home page.
Link to video
Begin the Online Process
You will find a blue button or direct link at these web locations: Click this blue button on any of the above pages to begin online filing

If you have not already signed into your website account, the first step of the program will direct you to the Sign In page.

The wizard takes you step-by-step through the formation requirements. As you enter information about the new company, the data is captured and used to populate the form near the end of the process. You will be directed to review the document and make changes as needed. Once you are satisfied with the document created, you will be directed to the payment portion of the process.

Once payment is confirmed and you see the successful transaction page, the document will be automatically placed in the examination queue.
Checking Status
You may log into your website account at any time to check the status of the submission. We are working to make this process more transparent and easier for your use.

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