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Managing or Changing SubscriptionsChanging Type Of E-Notification

The subscription listing includes these columns: Entity Name; Entity Type; and Entity Status. Those are followed by three columns you will use to choose which type of notification you want to receive (All Events or Status Changing Events) and an option to unsubscribe.

  1. 1. The default E-Notification is “Status Change” for all entities on your subscription list. When this is chosen, you will receive an E-mail for entities on your subscription list when their status changes or is about to change.

    Status Change Events include:

    • Notice of Grounds for Administrative Dissolution
    • Certificates of Administrative Dissolution
    • Suspensions by the Department of Revenue and Licensing Boards
    • Name Change Amendments
    • Voluntary or Judicial Dissolutions
    • Mergers – merging out of existence
  2. 2. The other E-Notification option is the “All Event” option. The All Event option means that you will receive an E-mail notification when any document is filed for entities on your subscription listing. For example, you will receive an e-mail notification when a business entity that you have subscribed to has filed an amendment to change the registered agent or principal office information.

    You can change to “All Events”:

    1. For all entities on your subscription list by clicking “Change to All Events” at the bottom of the page,
    2. For particular entities on your subscription list by clicking the circle “All Events” next to the entities’ names.

    Change Your Mind?

    If you designate something as “Change to All Events”, you can always change it back to “Status Change Events” individually by selecting the appropriate circle next to the entity name or for all entities by clicking “Change All to Status Change Events.”

To change the type of E-Notification

The default E-Notification is to send an E-Mail when a status changes. Click here for a listing of events associated with a status changing event.

  1. Change the E-Notification type to “All Events” by clicking the button “Change to All Events” at the bottom of the Subscription Listing.
  2. You may also choose the notification type for an entity by selecting the circle next to the type of Notification you would like either, “All Events” or “Status Change Events.”
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