About the Data

The UCC (Uniform Commercial Code) data contains filings, amendments, a list of debtor(s) and secured parties. There will be a minimum of one debtor and one secured party. The debtor and secured party information includes the debtor names and address information.

Tax liens information includes the assessments amounts and release information.

Actual filing images are available for a separate subscription fee.

Notary Public Data presented in two files, one containing all Notary Publics, the other listing the New Notary Publics.

Corporate data contains information on the corporations registered with the North Carolina Secretary of State. Included are name, contact, and address information, and whether the corporation is foreign or domestic. The home State name and the officers, partners, and directors of the corporation are listed. The status of the corporation, a list of the filings, as well as any stock information on file is included.

Name Reservations on file are also a part of the data set.

All data is updated weekly. The FTP server contains a data dictionary detailing the table structures. The data format is CSV (comma separated values).