100. Miscellaneous services:

  1. Hotels and motels
  2. Convenience stores
  3. Child care services
  4. Dental services
  5. Employment services, data processing and printing
  6. Flowers, balloons, gifts, telegrams, musical dancers, etc.
  7. Government services; promotions of cities and towns
  8. Health care services and facilities; Emergency Medical Technician certification
  9. Interior design and decorating
  10. Cosmetology, hair, nails, etc.
  11. Charitable organizations
  12. Landscaping
  13. Miscellaneous services not otherwise classified
  14. Night clubs and entertainment services
  15. Consulting services and hypnosis clinics
  16. Photographic and camera services; art sales
  17. Framing services
  18. Restaurants
  19. Spa, tanning and diet services
  20. Real estate, building, surveying, etc.
  21. Union labels; membership services
  22. Veterinary services; animal-related services and boarding
  23. Recreation
  24. Janitorial
  25. Religious; funeral, burial and cremation

101. Advertising and business services:

A. Computer sales, service, supplies and consulting
B. Convenience stores, grocery stores, gourmet food stores, etc.
D. Clothing sales and dry cleaning
E. Employment services, data processing and printing
F. Flowers, balloons, gifts, telegrams, musical dancers and crafts
G. Auto sales and repairs, rentals, supplies and oil jobbers
H. Health care, drug stores and medical supplies
I. Interior design, carpet sales and installation, furniture, etc.
J. Cosmetology, makeup, nails, hair, etc.
L. Landscaping, plant sales, etc.
M. Miscellaneous services not otherwise classified
N. Advertising agencies, promotion agencies, sign rentals
P. Photo, camera and art sales
Q. Jewelry sales
R. Video rentals and sales; book, music and electronic consumer goods sales
S. Spa, tanning, diet services and modeling
T. Real estate, building, surveying, mobile home sales
U. Membership service for clubs and associations; funeral, burial and cremation services
V. Veterinary, animal-related and pet board services
W.Recreational equipment sales, sporting goods and recreational vehicle sales.
X. Janitorial, chimney sweeps
Z. Credit card discount buying services; insurance and financial services

102. Financial and insurance: Services such as banking and credit agencies; pawn brokers and bonding agents; security and commodity brokerage; insurance sales agents; insurance underwriting.

103. Construction and repair: Services such as highway construction and repair; building construction; construction machinery, tools and materials sales and rental; custom tailoring and fabric reweaving; dry cleaning and laundry; electrical services; construction inspection; interior decoration; maintenance of tools and equipment; auto sales and maintenance; auto service stations; painting, including automotive painting; pest control in buildings; jewelry and watch repairs; chimney sweeps; drain and sewer cleaning services; window washing; janitorial building care; servicing and refueling of building and heating equipment.

104. Communications: Services such as cable television and broadcasting; radio broadcasting; cellular telephone and paging services; telephone, telegraph, teleprinter and leased-line communications services; World Wide Web information and Web site maintenance services; commercial e-mail services.

105. Transportation and storage: Services such as messenger services; packing and storing goods; air, rail, road or water transport of goods; trailer, auto and truck rentals; taxicab service for disabled persons; bus, rail, air or water transport of passengers; oil, gas and petrochemical transport and storage; travel agencies and travel guide services.

106. Material treatment: Services such as dyeing; lens grinding; metal machining and casting; metal plating and soldering; photofinishing; textile fabric finishing; weed control by chemical treatment.

107. Education and entertainment: Services such as historic material collection; genealogical research; study and correspondence courses; music, dance, martial arts, sports and theatrical instruction; equitation and riding instruction; museum displays, lectures and demonstrations; drill team organizations; play, concert, operatic and other live performances and production; radio and television programs; book and videotape rentals; Internet access and content provision; amusement center rides; athletic, academic and band booster organizations.