1. Raw or partly-prepared materials: Items such as animal pelts, hides, leather and imitation leather; live animals including insects, live fowl and hatching eggs; ore, clay, gravel, sand and rock; packing material for forming seals or packing padding of plastic or rubber for shipping containers, hair, excelsior, etc.; plastic sheets, synthetic or natural resins; synthetic or natural rubber; seeds; straw or hay, sawdust, shavings, etc.; charcoal and solid fuels including logs; natural and synthetic fibers and textile filaments.

2. Receptacles: Items such as baskets, buckets, jugs, boxes, trays, canisters and cans; gas cylinders; and non-glass jars.

3. Baggage, animal equipment, portfolios and pocketbooks: Items such as duffel bags and knitting bags; harnesses, saddles, leashes, collars and animal blankets; horseshoes; luggage of all kinds including briefcases and trunks; wallets, purses and handbags.

4. Abrasives and polishing materials: Items such as abrasive cleaners, sandpaper, belts; floor and furniture oils, floor waxes; metal polishes, natural and artificial abrasives, polishing and buffing compounds, polishing and cleaning preparation combined, polishing waxes, powders, shoe polish, and steel wool.

5. Adhesives: Items such as adhesive sides; asphalt tile cement; any combination of adhesive with a backing or reinforcement tape or strip of paper, cloth; gasket cement; glues and mucilages; pastes and rubber cement.

6. Chemicals and chemical compositions: Items such as air fresheners and air deodorants; carbons (absorbing); electrocardiograph electrodes (chemical conductors for use with); brake fluid; rust inhibitors (automobile cooling system); sizing compounds; emulsifiers for us in the manufacture of goods and in the manufacture of leather and textiles; photographic chemicals; dyes for use in the manufacture of leather, fur, wood, pigment (color); preservatives for flowers or masonry; chemical additives; oxidants; preparations and chemically treated papers; agricultural pesticides; catalysts; antifreeze; fire extinguishers using chemical compounds.

7. Cordage: Items such as clothesline cord; rope (macramé); wire; cargo strings of metal); string; twine; baling twine; wire rope and wire rope slings.

8. Smoker's articles: Items such as ash trays of all forms; cigarette cases, cigar cutters; pouches; cigarette papers; lighters, flints; pipes, pipe cleaners and cigarette holders.

9. Explosives, firearms, equipment and projectiles: Items such as blasting caps; compounds; explosives; gelatin; paper and powder; detonators; bombs; explosive caps; fog signals; fuses used in mining; powders, primers, shells, torpedoes; fireworks; and dynamite.

10. Fertilizers: Items such as compost, manure; lime (agricultural); plant food and plant growth regulators, fertilizers for agricultural or domestic use; soil conditioners; potting soil.

11. Inks and inking materials: Items such as carbon paper; ribbons for typewriter, printers, computers, inking, label printing, and office machines; ink of all forms; inking pads; and stamp pads.

12. Construction materials: Items such as cement mixes; posts, cement roofing; ceramic enamel fiber insulation; concrete, concrete beams; building materials; patching compound; plaster; doors; non-metal guard rails; forms for use in casting; windows, window casements; frames, shutters; sills and frames; glass windows; insulating material; glazes; jalousies; caulking and caulking compounds; lumber; plywood; fiberboard; bricks; stones and paving stones; panels; prefabricated homes and houses; roofing materials; flashing; gutters; louvers.

13. Hardware, plumbing and steam-fitting supplies: Items such as cabinet hardware and store fixture parts; key rings and metal plugs; nails, screws, nuts and bolts; pipe, conduit, hose and pipe couplings, pipe and hose fittings; valves; sinks, lavatories, tubs, toilets and parts; wire, barbed wire; fencing panels; stays; posts.

14. Metal, metal casings and forgings: Items such as aluminum, brass, bronze, copper and nickel products in strip, sheet, wire, rods for brazing and welding; die steel; metal tubing; rails and railroad ties (metal); sheet steel; casting alloys; metal castings.

15. Oils and greases: Items such as gasoline, kerosene and penetrating oils; lubricants and greases; naphtha and fuel oils.

16. Protective and decorative coatings: Items such as paint, paint thinners, paint primer; sealer coatings; paint sealers; leather and wood stains; shellac as a surface coating; varnish; undercoatings.

17. Tobacco products: Items such as tobacco in general as well as chewing, smokeless and flavorings for; snuffs; cigarettes, cigars and cigarillos.

18. Medicines and pharmaceutical preparations: Items such as antiseptics, antibiotic creams, tablets and ointments; fungicides for agricultural and domestic use; hormones; vitamin and mineral supplements; food, herbal, nutritional and dietary supplements; medicated lotions; medicated skin-care preparations; analgesic or medicated lip balm; acne treatment or medications; pharmaceutical preparations.

19. Vehicles: Items such as airplanes, boats, automobiles. trucks, buses, bicycles, motorcycles and parts therefor; baby carriages; personal watercraft; strollers; parachutes; hang gliders; railroad cars; trailers; dollies; wagons; and mobile homes.

20. Linoleum and oiled cloth: Items such as linoleum flooring, vinyl and plastic tiles; vinyl and plastic wall coverings; oilcloths; carpet padding.

21. Electrical apparatus, machines, supplies and consumer electronic goods: Items such as electric motors for machines; capacitors; ceramic insulators; insulating tape; cathode ray tubes; batteries and battery chargers; light switches; light bulbs; light dimmers; lighting fixtures; florescents; electric track lighting units; computer cables; computer chips; electrical cables; flashlights; lamps and lamp shades; warning lights; generators; alternators; circuit boards, circuit breakers; telephones and telephone receivers; cellular telephones; television sets and antennas; radios; electric stoves; blenders; vacuum cleaners; microscopes; video tapes; video recorders; voltage surge protectors and suppressors; switches and switch plates; facsimile machines; receivers; satellites; laser scanners and lasers not used for medial use; UPC scanners and other bar-code scanners .

22. Games, toys and sporting goods: Items such as amusement park equipment, coin-operated machines and games of skill; bowling equipment, billiard and pool tables; children's toy furniture; dolls, balls, rubber and plastic toys, skates, skis, skate boards, snow boards and surf boards; fishing tackle and artificial bait; exercise equipment; mechanical toys; playing cards, games and parts; puzzles; tents; inflatable swimming pools.

23. Cutlery, machinery tools and parts: Items such as centrifuges and centrifugal pumps; grinders, grinding wheels and grindstones; lathes; mills and milling machines; earth moving machines, namely graders, loaders, sarifiers and scrapers; electric pencil sharpeners; fire extinguishers; garbage disposals; garden hoses; gardening tools, namely trowels, weeding forks, spades, and hoes; lawn mowers; blowers for lawn debris; tractors; milking machines; die-cutting or stamping machines; diesel engines for machines; cookie paper or pizza cutters; staples and staple removers; pumps; pocket knives; shears and shearing machines; shredders; pulleys; chucks for power drills; sewing machines; power tools; spreaders; sprayers; dishwashers.

24. Laundry appliances and machines: Items such as ironing boards; electric, flat or steam irons; washing machines for clothes; washing boards; clothes pins.

25. Locks and safes: Items such as lockboxes; metal locks and keys therefor; ash or money boxes; safes; door chains; padlocks; key chains; key blanks; key and key cylinders (door hardware, namely).

26. Measuring and scientific equipment: Items such as video monitors; video camcorders; camera cases, film, tripods, filters and photographic cameras; radar and radar detectors; sonars; calipers; measuring cups and spoons; adding machines and cash registers; gas and water meters; microfiche; metal detectors; microscopes; microwave ovens for laboratory use; computer discs or diskettes; computer hardware including mouse, keyboard, modem, interface boards; film projectors and projection screens; laboratory glassware; scales; levels; gasoline pumps; recorders; optical cables; mirrors; filters and scanners; eyeglass lenses and frames; safety markers, harnesses and goggles; safety cones.

27. Horological instruments: Items such as watches and watch fobs, chains, movements, stop watches and parts therefor; clocks, clock radios, alarm clocks and parts therefor; sundials, chronometers and chronographs.

28. Jewelry and precious metalware: Items such as jewelry, costume jewelry and jewelry boxes; lapel pins, brooches; cuff links; ID bracelets; trophies of precious metal; sterling silver tableware; and other items fashioned from precious metals.

29. Brooms, brushes and dusters: Items such as brushes; brooms; mops; window and furniture dusters; paint roller covers; paint trays; paint stirrers and applicators; polishing cloths and gloves; toothbrushes.

30. Crockery, earthenware and porcelain: Items such as china ornaments; pottery, vases; porcelain eggs.

31. Filters and refrigerators: Items such as ice chip machines; freezers and walk-in freezers, refrigerators and refrigerator cabinets; water filters; water coolers.

32. Furniture and upholstery: Items such as bedroom furniture; box springs and mattresses; children's furniture; cushions, sofas and hassocks; file cabinets, storage files and racks for storage; living room furniture; mirrors and easels; office furniture; outdoor furniture; reclining chairs and sofa beds; tables, desks and office chairs.

33. Glassware: Items such as cut, blown and cast glass; crystal prisms; plate glass for cars or vehicle windows; glass granules; glass rods, panes or panels; glass bowls; bulbs and beverageware.

34. Heating, lighting and ventilation apparatus: Items such as air conditioning equipment; kilns; fireplace equipment; heat transfer apparatus; heat treating equipment; heaters and heat pumps; clothes dryers; light sticks; non-electric lights; radiation-type furnaces and room heaters; steam appliances; wood-burning stoves; oil lanterns; radiators (electric and steam); steam generators; stoves; solar collectors and solar heating panels.

35. Belting, hoses, machinery packing and non-metallic tires: Items such as clutch and brake facings; conveyer and transmission belting; rubber hoses, packings, gaskets and washers; tires, tire patches and inner tubes; rubber bands; joint, graphite, plastic and asbestos packing for pipes, gaskets, plumps, valves, shipping containers and for forming seals; rubber and fiber washers

36. Musical instruments and supplies: Items such as harmonicas; percussion, wind and stringed instruments; phonographs, records and record players; pianos and organs; synthesizers; audio cassettes; digital audio tapes and tape players; compact discs; dictation machines.

37. Paper and stationery: Items such as binders and ledger books; mimeograph and copier paper; continuous-feed and laser printer computer papers; unprinted labels; paper wrappers, paper towels and scratch pads; pens, crayons, pencils, erasers, chalk and magic markers; wallpaper, cleaning and toilet tissue paper; waxed paper, printing paper and sketch paper.

38. Prints and publications: Items such as dictionaries, booklets; exposed photo prints and transparencies; greeting cards; decals; pamphlets, books and manuals; art and graphic reproductions; news columns and cartoons, newspaper supplements; newsletters; printed labels; reports and advertising material; publications fixed in electronic media; software; wall calendars; medical ID cards.

39. Clothing: Items such as blouses, skirts and sweaters; dresses, suits, skirts, coats, topcoats, overcoats and vests; earmuffs; fur coats, capes, stoles and hats; hosiery; insulated garments, gloves, aprons and jackets; raincoats, swimwear and diapers; shoes, slippers, suspenders, garters and belts; sleepwear, lingerie, underwear, etc.

40. Fancy goods, furnishings and notions: Items such as braids, shoe laces; buttons, buckles and snap fasteners; elastic tape; hair pins and clips; hand-sewing needles, pins, crochet and knitting needles; sewing kits; shoe horns; clothing hooks as well as hooks and eyes.

41. Canes, parasols and umbrellas: Items such as umbrellas and parts therefor; canes and cane handles; walking sticks.

42. Knitted, netted and textile fabrics and substitutes: Items such as bedsheets, blankets, comforters and pillow cases; fabrics such as cottons, polyester, nylon, gauze, woolens, rayon, acetate; curtains; rugs and carpets; upholstery fabrics, draperies and slip covers.

43. Threads and yarns: Items such as threads of all kinds, including silk, cotton and synthetic sewing threads; yarns of all kinds.

44. Dental, medical and surgical appliances: Items such as dentures; bridges and crowns; dental instruments; pacifiers; diagnostic apparatus; medical x-ray equipment; eye droppers and eye patches; hospital beds and invalid lifts; prosthetic and orthopedic devices; orthodontic appliances; respirators and resuscitators; stretchers and crutches; surgical instruments and devices; computer-aided tomography (CAT) scanners, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scanners; lasers used for medical purposes.

45. Soft drinks and carbonated waters: Items such as non-alcoholic carbonated beverages; spring waters; soda water; soft drinks; lemonades and lemonade syrup; and other fruit-based or artificially-flavored beverages.

46. Foods and food ingredients: Items such as animal feeds; breads, cookies, pies, rolls, cakes and other baked goods; cake, bread, biscuit and roll mixes; four and corn meal; candies, fruits, confections and chewing gum; canned fruits, vegetables, sauces, meats and meat substitutes; cereals and hominy grits; cider and grape juice; coffee, tea and dried milk; dehydrated soups, sauces, puddings and gelatin; fish, shrimp and lobster; food colors and preservatives; frozen fruits, juices, meats, vegetables, etc.; honey, syrup, jams and jellies; peanut butter; pet foods; salad dressings, spices, seasonings and yeast shortenings and vegetable oils; seafood.

47. Wines: Items such as wines used for cooking and aperitif, wine cocktails, wine coolers and wine in general. Other items are hard cider, sherry, vermouth, champagne and port wines.

48. Malt beverages and liquors: Items such as ale and porter; beer; stout; and malt liquors.

49. Distilled alcoholic liquors: Items such as cordials and rum; alcoholic cocktails; gin, vodka; brandy and brandy spirits; whiskey; specialty liqueurs.

50. Merchandise not otherwise classified: Items such as artificial plants, Christmas trees and ornaments; sculptures; tarpaulins; dressmaker dummies; hangers; shoe trees and mannequins; miscellaneous kits; plaques; pennants and flags.

51. Cosmetics and toiletries: Items such as bath salts, oils, etc.; tooth pastes, powders and creams; mouthwashes; personal deodorants; hair spray and preparations, tints, dressings, creams and lotions; lipstick, eye makeup; perfumes, colognes and toilet waters; shave creams and depilatories; skin creams, lotions, face and body powders.

52. Detergents and soaps: Items such as cleaner preparations; cleaning concentrates; floor cleaners; soaps and shampoos; detergent solvents; skin soaps.