The Department of the Secretary of State Trademarks Section registers and renews trademarks and service marks in North Carolina under the provisions of Chapter 80 of the North Carolina General Statutes. Currently, there are more than 13,500 active marks on file with the Department. Registration of trademarks and service marks helps provide legal protection for names, logos and other symbols used to identify the goods and services of people doing business in this state.The Trademarks section acts in an administrative capacity only and cannot give legal advice.

International Trademark Classifications Adopted as of July 6, 2009

Standard Character Set

Fees submitted to the Trademark Section of the Department of the Secretary of State will not be refunded in the event of refusal or abandonment of the application. In the event of refusal of an application, the applicant will have a reasonable period of time, specified by the Trademark Section, in which to reply or amend the application. If the applicant fails to reply or amend the application within the designated period of time, the application will be deemed to have been abandoned and the fee forfeited. Subsequent applications must be accompanied by the payment of an additional fee in the amount required by statute.