Through an agreement with the producers of MoneyTrack, an investor education series produced for Public Television, the Securities Division is pleased to make all 15 episodes of Season Two available in one location. Each 30-minute episode requires Windows Media Player to view. If you do not already have Windows Media Player on your computer, you may download a free copy at: More information about MoneyTrack can be found at
#201) A True Investing 101
The season opener is a fun-to-watch overview explaining the history of Wall Street and cycles of the economy. Hosts Pam Krueger and Jack Gallagher, with the help of legendary investor, John Bogle, provide a down-to-earth explanation of how much risk to take when investing.
#202) Mr. Earl: If He Can Do It So Can You
Meet Mr. Earl, a parking lot attendant in Baltimore who has never made more than $12/hour, yet he has accumulated a fortune investing in high quality stocks.
#203) Family and Money: A Battle of the Wills
This episode tackles the issues around inheritance. Pam and Jack show viewers how to protect their assets and their families from the disasters that can happen when there is no estate planning.
#204) Retirement Reality Check
Join Pam and Jack on the beach in Cape Cod as they focus on how much money is really required to have a comfortable retirement. David Bach shows viewers how much money they can spend each year without running out.
#205) Taking Control of Your Online Investments
Meet Andy, a 27-year-old student, who moved into his truck in order to pay off all of his debts. Pam and Jack, along with MarketWatch's Paul Farrell, teach Andy the benefits of automatic investing using online tools to streamline his financial life.
#206) The Guru Show
Is there such a thing as a true stock market guru? Pam and Jack put CNBC's Mad Money host, Jim Cramer, to the test. This episode covers the phenomenon of the financial "guru" and examines how guru methods compare to betting at a racetrack. John Bogle and Ben Stein add their two-cents' worth.
#207) Me, Inc.
Is real job security just a think of the past? Pam and Jack explore the value of the benefits offered at the workplace, especially the pros and cons of 401(k) plans. Working for "Me, Inc." is a way to protect oneself in light of eroding benefits.
#208) Mythbusters
MoneyTrack reporter Joie Chen examines three popular investing myths and shows that they are really just urban legends.
#209) Real Estate: Is It Really Your Best Investment?
Casey Serin is a young man who bought eight homes in eight months through no money down and became addicted to house flipping. Pam and Jack show viewers less risky ways to invest in real estate with help from
#210) The Financial Makeover Show
Pam, Jack and Janet Bodnar from Kiplinger Personal Finance Magazine, visit the Daniels family in their home and show them the three easy steps they need to take to build wealth.
#211) American Dream
In this episode, Pam and Jack hear from a viewer from Tennessee who wonders if the American dream is still attainable. Trusted experts Jonathan Pond and Michelle Singletary offer their insights and suggestions on the state of the middle class in America.
#212) Changing Lanes
Pam and Jack explore facts from a recent study that shows people who change lanes often do not always get to their destination faster. This is analogous to the idea of investing for the future — slow and steady wins the race versus trading in and out of the stock market.
#213) The Secret Millionaire's Club
Pam interviews legendary investor, Warren Buffett, about the new investor education cartoon for children, The Secret Millionaire's Club, produced by DIC Entertainment. Mr. Buffett shares his time-proven investing strategies about what really works.
#214) Kids and Money
Fourteen-year-old Damon Williams is a model investor with $50,000 already accumulated. His portfolio has over 30 companies. Viewers learn how he did it and the role his mother played in his investment strategy.
#215) MoneyTrack Revisited
Pam and Jack, joined again by John Bogle, discuss topics from the first season that most captivated viewers: good debt versus bad debt, U.S. corporate business ethics and how to choose a financial advisor.