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Presented here are commentaries regarding current events and topics involving Moldova.  The North Carolina Secretary of State does not endorse or attest to the accuracy or objectivity of the authors and their views.  If there are items that you would like included in this section of the website, please forward your comments and request to ??????? likewise, if you consider the contents of the commentaries to be inaccurate or unfair, please share your point of view with ???????


Moldova wants deeper and closer relationship with NATO

Eurasia Daily Monitor -- Volume 2, Issue 112

The Republic of Moldova is a pawn when Russia and the United States are playing chess

Gazprom Plans to Raise Gas Prices for Baltics and Moldova

2005 Trafficking in Persons Report

George Soros will formulate a new strategy for the Soros Foundation in the Republic of Moldova

Stratfor's Geopolitical Intelligence Report

Moldovan Parliament adopts three documents on Transnistrian Region

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Dr. Mackler

Bilateral Committee

Moldova Kids


"The Republic Of Moldova:The New Path to Reforms", President Vladimir Voronin, Republic of Moldova, December 18, 2002, an address delivered at the Center for Strategic and International Studies 

Summary: President Vladimir Voronin identifies Moldovan trends and intentions. American business, government and other leaders are invited to cooperatively help develop a successful Moldovan economy. Voronin identifies 4 specific challenges Moldova faces building the economy. The President describes Moldova's success at streamlining business licensing and removing business activity barriers.> 

"Sister Cities Bridge Distance", Council Member Sandy Carmany, City of Greensboro, North Carolina, on occasion of the President Voronin's North Carolina visit, presented at the North Carolina Moldova Bilateral Partnership Committee Meeting, Raleigh, North Carolina, 19 December 2002. 

Summary: Council Member Carmany speaks to Sister Cities relationships among the City of Greensboro, the Buiucani sector of Chisinau, the City of Ungheni and Winston-Salem: education, cultural and humanitarian activity.

"Community Connections", Ms. Brenda Orders, Program Manager, UDSOS Community Connections, Southeastern Community College, Whiteville, North Carolina, on occasion of the President Voronin's North Carolina visit, 19 December 2002, addresses this U.S. Department of State, Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs program.

Summary: Since 1996, 189 Moldovan business and professional visitors seeking better understanding of American approaches to business, government and other culture have been hosted in North Carolinians' homes.