North Carolina - Moldova Partnership



McKenzie Associates, a Winston-Salem based international business development company, is organizing a second economic mission from North Carolina to the Republic of Moldova. The North Carolina-Moldova Partnership Committee views the trade mission as an excellent vehicle for fostering continued economic ties between North Carolina and the Republic of Moldova. 

The planned date for the Trade Mission is February 2002. A follow on Trade Mission is planned to come from Moldova to North Carolina in April 2002.

The Governor of North Carolina and the President of Moldova jointly established the North Carolina-Moldova Partnership Committee in 1999 to promote:

  1. Private sector cooperation and international commercial activity
  2. Scientific, academic, scholarly and civic pursuits in arts, humanities, and education exchanges

The Co-chairs of the North Carolina Committee are the Hon. Philip A. Baddour, Jr., NC House of Representatives, and the Hon. Elaine F. Marshall, NC Secretary of State. The Chair of the Moldova Committee is Mr. Eugen Carpov, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Republic of Moldova. John McKenzie, president of McKenzie Associates, is a member of the North Carolina-Moldova Partnership Committee.

McKenzie Associates, Importers & consultants, Winston-Salem, NC is representing several businesses in Moldova in developing American technology for use in Moldova. They are also working with Covoare Ungheni to market Moldovan carpets and textiles in the United States. In cooperation with Bessarabian-American, they are working to organize a Moldovan wine tasting in late July or August to introduce North Carolina wine dealers to Moldovan wines.

Those interested in participating in the Trade Mission or seeking further information should contact John McKenzie at (336) 650-1957 or e-mail

Bessarabian-American Trading, Ltd., of Zebulon is importing light aircraft into the United States for sale to sport aviation enthusiasts, using Moldova as a regional base of operations. Mr. Frank Swett is involved in importing aircraft from Moldova and Ukraine. They have bought three, one Antonov AN-2 in Moldova, two YAK 52s in Ukraine. One is currently enroute by ship from Sevastopol, one is ready to fly at Balti, and the third will be shipped in July.

Mr. Swett's company, Bessarabian-American Trading Ltd., is developing a program to bring excess Moldovan doctors to North Carolina and license them as Physicians Assistants, Nurse Practitioners, and Registered Nurses to help solve the serious nursing shortage in the United States. They will also look at bringing Moldovan nurses in as Licensed Practical Nurses and possibly Registered Nurses - with an English language training program in Chisinau, and an additional technical training program in the United States. Current estimates are for a shortage of 400,000 registered nurses in the U. S. within five years. There are currently 50,000 doctors in Moldova and a need for only 25,000 - and the Medical University in Chisinau maintains approximately 3,500 students enrolled.

Mr. Frank Swett and the Belgium-Luxembourg-Moldova Chamber of Commerce is working to develop a market for NC pork products with Moldovan meat packers. Moldovaís Carmez, S. A., exports to the region, but canít obtain sufficient carcasses of high quality inside Moldova for itís markets.

Regimental Flag & Banner, Louisburg, NC, is importing carpet, woolen goods, and afghans from Ceadir-Lunga,  Gagauzia, in Moldova for sale in specialty markets in the United States.

Bessarabian-American is staffed with an office in Chisinau to provide business services, contacts, research, interpreters, local transportation, reservations, arrival assistance, and fund transfer capabilities for anyone interested in doing business in Moldova.

Cavanaugh and Associates, of Winston-Salem is working to market municipal water leak detection systems in Moldova. The company has made two trips into Moldova and demonstrated the equipment in Chisinau and several smaller municipalities.

Steve Cavanaugh, of Cavanaugh and Associates is working with hog producers in North Carolina to develop production and marketing capabilities in Moldova.

They currently have bids pending for conversion of paper building blueprints and plans in North Carolina to the Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) system using engineers in Moldova. This work is not cost effective to do in North Carolina due to the labor intensity of the work. Moldovan engineers and architects do excellent quality work at very competitive rates and are quite proficient at CAD.

Molee imports, of Greensboro, is importing art and textile products from Moldova for exhibition and sale. MOLEE Imports is a small company owned and operated by two sisters, Julie Glandt and Melanie Golter of Madison, NC . This company has participated in the High Point International Furniture Market in Oct. 2000 and again in April 2001. MOLEE imports 100% wool rugs in exclusive designs in both plush and flat weaves, one-of-a-kind handmade village rugs and original art work . They are now expanding their line to small furniture pieces and other home accessories. They can be reached by e-mail: or you may visit them.

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