Suruceni village

Central part of Moldova

2000 inhabitants


The Suruceni Local Government Building



The Agricultural Store located in the entrance of Suruceni village


Several planned projects in Suruceni

where help from North Carolina is needed


Medical care center

o       Medical bag (complete set) for family doctor 1

o       Medical equipment for procedure room

o       Ambulance 1

o       First need equipment

o       Equipment and instruments for dentist office


Community center for youth people

o       Computers 5p.

o       Printer 1p.

o       Scanner 1p.

o       Modem 1p.

o       Furniture for computers - 12 p.

o       Paper of different size 20 packs

o       Toner 3 cartridges

o       Sound amplification for theater

o       high volume speakers for theater

o       lights, projector for theater


Sport inventory (the specific of the community is football "soccer")


o       Ball sets 4

o       Tennis set 2

o       Mattress 10

o       Training simulator different 10

o       Basket ball Hoops 4

o       Volleyball net 2

o       Football net 4

o       Javelin, discus, magnetic bubble garnet

o       Different Balls 20

o       Bridge (garret) 1

o       Vaulting horse 1

o       Parallels



The local Christian Orthodox Church