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These report links are provided in order that people interested in learning more about Moldova can do so with an awareness of what other institutions are representing the situation to be at the time of the publication. The following reports were not prepared by NC Department of Secretary of State; consequently the Department takes no responsibility for the accuracy of the reports. If you have additional reports that you recommend be added, please contact us at Please enable Javascript to view

2016 Trafficking in Persons Report - MOLDOVA
2015 International Religious Freedom Report - MOLDOVA
2015 Human Rights Report
2013 Report on International Religious Freedom July 28, 2014
2013 Human Rights Reports: Moldova February 27, 2014
2014 Investment Climate Statement June 2014
2014 Trafficking in Persons Report
Advancing Freedom and Democracy Report 2014
Moldova Country Report-2014
Millennium Challenge Corporation Quarterly Status Report: Moldova (2009) (US Congress)
Millennium Challenge Corporation Quarterly Threshold Program Status Report: Moldova (2009)
(US Congress)
Freedom of Press 2009 (Freedom House Report)
Advancing Freedom and Democracy Reports, (2009) (US Department of State)
International Religious Freedom Report (2009) (US Department of State)
The Functioning of Democratic Institutions in Moldova (2009) (Council of Europe)
2009 Investment Climate Statement- Moldova (US Department of State)
Foreign Operations Appropriated Assistance: Moldova (2009) (US Department of State)
Nations in Transit 2009 (Freedom House Report)
Human Development Report (2009) (UNDP-United Nations Development Program)
Trafficking in Persons Report (2009) (US Department of State)   
Country Report on Human Rights Practices (2008) (Published 2/25/2009, US Department of State)
Sustainability Report (2008) (EBRD- European Bank for Reconstruction and Development Report)
Reform Report (2008) (EBRD- European Bank for Reconstruction and Development Report)
Transition Report (2008) (EBRD- European Bank for Reconstruction and Development Report)
Country Reports on Terrorism (2008) (US Department of Sate)
Supporting Human Rights and Democracy: The U.S. Record (2006) (US Department of State)
National Human Development Report (2006) (UNDP-United Nations Development Program)

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