Ms. Sandy Carmany

- Professional Association - Greensboro City Council;

- represented the city council in signing sister cities agreement with Buiucani district in June 2000;

- member of the advisory committee to the bilateral committee

- Interest in Moldova: wide range of interests - sharing information with local/government services, open meetings, etc; humanitarian support for orphanages and women's shelter; cultural exchanges; helping in any way possible to make things better there

- I traveled to MOLDOVA to represent GREENSBORO in establishing a sister cities relationship with the Buiucani sector in CHISINAU last June and fell in love with the country and its people. Since that time, I have hosted a number of visitors from MOLDOVA to GREENSBORO. My husband and I are currently sponsoring an 18-year-old girl in EDINET through CAROLINA ADOPTION SERVICE'S PROGRAM.

Contact Information:

 1504 LARSON ST., GREENSBORO, NC 27407-3545

phone nr. 336-855-1538


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