Dr. Morton Meltzer, M.D.


AMA, NC Med Society, Wake Co & Cumberland Co Med Society AAFP & APA

- Forensic Psychiatrist Wake Co. Humans Services (Wake County Mental Health)

- Fayetteville's Doctors Urgent care Facility ( Med Director of this facility only)

- Consultant to NC DSS Disability Determination

- Involved in Advisory capacity with the NC-Moldova Committee.

- Involved in Medical support of NCNG missions to Moldova and Humanitarian support to the country and its citizens.

- Traveled to Moldova in excess of six times since August of '98

We are near $2,000,000 in medical equipment and supplies delivered to the country.

- Partner "Bessarabian American Trading Co. LTD"

Contact Information:

Home # 910 245 4819 Fax # 910 245 2972

Work M,W, & Thurs 910-483-4647; Tues Main # 919-250-3100

Direct Off # 250-3780 Phone Mail # 919-250-3106

Home address: 448 Horse'n Carriage Lane, Cameron, N.C. 28326

E-mail: carnutdr@yahoo.com or carnutdr@mindspring.com

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