Dr. Gerald H. Elkan

- Professor of Microbiology, North Carolina State University

- Serve as member of the committee

- Have been involved since inception

- Over a twenty year period, I was working part time in many countries, managing and doing research sponsored by USAID. Have worked in curriculum building/revision at the University level with USAID and the National Research Council (BOSTID). Managed 81 research programs in 43 countries. 

Contact Information:

Work: Department of Microbiology, NCSU, PO Box 7631, Raleigh 27695

Tel:919-515-3945, fax: 515-3945

e-mail: ghelkan@unity.ncsu.edu  

Home: 206 East Forest Drive, Raleigh, 27605

Tel: 919-834-2727, fax: 919-834-2727

e-mail: ghelkan@mindspring.com  

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