Project 1: “Mens Sana in Corpore Sano (I*)” (latin aphorism): steering sports activities of school children and involving them more actively in sports activities through improving the gymnasium of the Antonesti Secondary School


Note: LGRP sent this project to you last Monday, except for this note:

For those people of North Carolina who may want to get involved with this project invitations can be issued to attend some local sports competitions or different competitions may be organized among school children of Antonesti and those of North Carolina. The hosts would be able to provide only lodging and meals, but not the transportation costs or any other expenses.


  1. Equipment for the gymnasium:

a)      Sports balls for such sports as Volleyball, Basketball and Football - from 10 to 20 for each type; For Handball – 4 balls; There is a mentioning here about medical balls – if you have something of this kind in North Carolina, they will need up to 30;

b)     Sports timer – 1, tape measure – 1, circles – 20, skipping ropes – 30;

c)      Tennis table (plus rackets and tennis balls)

d)     A balance beam and a set of gymnastic rings

e)      Gymnastic stairs for gymnastics by the wall - 4

f)       Gymnastics parallels (equal) 1 set, parallels (unequal) 1 set

g)      Mattresses, 6, medium size

h)      Ramps for jumping over the “horse” – 2

i)        One “Horse” and one “Goat” (devices you jump over in gymnastics, I tried to find out a better translation, but could not so far)

j)       One climbing rope

k)     Two medium tents for tourism

  1. Sports wear for the school sport teams (in Antonesti School there are two types of teams divided by age: junior team of the age 9- 13, senior team – the age 13 – 17. Teams like that exist for football (only boys involved, so there are 2 football teams), basketball (teams for boys, teams for girls, that is 4 basketball teams, each) and volleyball (teams for boys, teams for girls, that is 4 volleyball teams), and the same is true about handball. These are the sports practiced in Antonesti, the size of teams is international, as far as I know.

a)      All of these teams are in need of sports wear, like T-shirts and shorts

b)     May be some hats, but they may wait with this.





Project 2: Note: (This project was also sent last Monday, simply it was not complete. Please take this one as final. It also contains figures). Important: The director of Antonesti School of Arts expressed his readiness to exhibit the paintings of his students and of his own in the township /town of the potential partners or in any place deemed appropriate of North Carolina. Also it is possible to organize visits of potential partners to Antonesti where the hosts will provide lodging and meals. The Club to be created could be a counter part civic organization /club for some civic organization in North Carolina.


Foundation of a Artistic and Plastic Creation Club on the basis of the local School of Arts. That will be a Club for the graduates of the School of Arts (the school of Arts in Antonesti is one with pretty old and good traditions. County authorities wanted to “remove” it from Antonesti some time ago to county city capital, but the local authorities struggled to maintain it in Antonesti. It used to be pretty well equipped, and it still is, but the local budget is too tight to maintain it as they would have liked, so all tools are pretty obsolete there). This year 15 students attend the school.


The Club will provide opportunities for the following areas of creation:

  1. Easel compositions
  2. Decorative and decorative-applied compositions
  3. Wood sculpturing
  4. Artistic ceramics (for the time when they will have access to gas heating, soon)


1. For the operation of the Club they will need:

a)      Easels (with functions) 16 pieces (preferably)

b)     Oil paint 16 sets

c)      Linseed oil

d)     Painting brushes for oil painting and other painting brushes (#1 and # 2) 16 each

e)      Glue used in fine arts and in painting

f)       Books on history of fine arts, preferably with qualitative reproductions


  1. For wood sculpturing

a)      Kits with wood sculpturing tools (5 kits would be preferred)

b)     One electric drill

c)      One electric fret-saw


  1. For maintaining the School of Arts in good order some capital repairs are needed. The repairs will include:

a)      Replacing one floor (6 square meters), they usually use grounding and battens for that, but anything else will be appreciated

b)     In one workshop the ceiling needs to be repaired (the area is 7X8 meters). They intend to use pieces of compressed wood for that, but anything else will be accepted

c)      Sharp coat is needed for repairing the walls in 2 workshops with the area of 7X8 meters each, and in one corridor with the area of 9X2 meters;

d)     Wall paint for painting school walls: 5 liters of blue and 8 liters of white, 8 liters of brown for the floors.


Any contribution is welcome.



  1. Increasing citizens’ access to different sources of information in the areas they may need;
  2. Promotion of computer and internet knowledge;
  3. Collaborating with local, county and national printed mass media and having the Information Center subscribed to monthly publications;
  4. Promotion of the new concepts on information, education and training in the area of informational technologies;
  5. Offering larger access to training and self-training to citizens;



1.      Connection to Internet and facilitation of the access to information for the citizens of Antonesti and neighboring villages;

2.      Training young people in computer use so that they can search necessary information.

3.      Providing young people and teenagers with information about higher educational institutions and vocational schools, and their offers;

4.      Organizing and/or hosting training events for different categories of citizens of Antonesti on subjects requested by citizens or relevant as the time may require;

5.      Organizing and conducting seminars and conferences on informational technologies and their application;

6.      Providing teachers from the local school with access to information from Internet. Disseminating information of local and regional importance (local council’s decisions, county decisions and raising people’s awareness about Governmental and Parliamentarian Decisions, promotion of the newly adopted laws;



1.      Modern office equipment capable to meet an Information Center needs (2 or 3 computers, one Xerox, one fax machine);

2.      Specialized (agriculture, pedagogy, informational systems) and other literature;

3.      Subscription to national and county publications;

4.      To train 3-5 young specialists on how to operate an Information Center and provide information services to citizens.



  1. Location (office)
  2. Security services for the office
  3. Personnel.

Submitted by Mihai Prisac, Antonesti School Principal, January 2003, Antonesti




In order to involve more young people in cultural activities and develop their talents, and also in order to make the Community Center a real cultural center, the director of the Community Center is seeking for sponsors of the following items:

  1. One musical synthesizer (Yamaha is the first preference);
  2. Color spotlights;
  3. One stereo, which will include the cassette recorder, a CD drive and ordinary radio. That is needed in the Community Center because there is a Modern Sport Dance Club, for the teenagers of 15-18 years of age. Some clothing for rehearsal may be good, too;
  4. Two portable microphones, one amplifier and a remote control panel to be used in cultural events and meetings that are conducted in the Community Center;
  5. Capital repairs are needed as well (to be specified later, as a separate Project);
  6. For cultural activities of different clubs / societies auxiliary rooms need to be built in the back of the Community Center (only stone walls were built, the rest needs to be built. This will also be a separate Project).


Note: The director of the Community Center is willing to invite the people or the organization that would be involved with this project to Antonesti to see how the things are, or later to participate in a cultural program organized here. She is open to organize joint cultural events in Antonesti as well. The hosts can provide lodging and meals; the rest of the costs will be on visitors’ side.

* A similar project will come on behalf of “Youth and Sports Cub” NGO, but that would refer to equipping an outside sports ground, and their need I think will be slightly different.