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Board Meeting

Wednesday, December 13, 2017 9:00 AM        to Wednesday, December 13, 2017 2:45 PM
4021 Carya Drive
at NC Rural Economic Development Center
Raleigh , NC
For more information
call: 9197079180

Agenda: State Water Infrastructure Authority North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality December 13, 2017 North Carolina Rural Economic Development Center 4021 Carya Drive Raleigh, North Carolina The State Government Ethics Act (North Carolina General Statute § 138A) mandates that the Chair inquire as to whether there is any known conflict of interest or potential conflict of interest with respect to any matters before the Authority today. If any member knows of a conflict of interest or potential conflict of interest, please identify the conflict at the time the conflict becomes apparent. The times indicated for each Agenda Item are merely for guidance. The Authority will proceed through the Agenda until completed. AGENDA Kim H. Colson, Authority Chair, Presiding 9 00 A. Call to Order – Chair Colson 1. Welcome 2. Reminder of Conflict of Interest and Compliance with State Government Ethics Act 3. Please set electronic devices to off or vibrate 9 05 B. Approval of Sept. 20, 2017 Meeting Minutes (Action Item) 9 10 C. Attorney General’s Office Report – Phillip Reynolds 9 15 D. Chair’s Remarks – Chair Colson 9 20 E. Communications Update – Cathy Akroyd, Division Public Information Officer 9 30 F. The One Water Concept – Trevor Clements, Director of Water Resources, TetraTech 10 30 Break 10 45 G. September 2017 Application Round Update and Planning for Feb. 2018 Meeting – Julie Cubeta and Seth Robertson 10 55 H. Fair Bluff Initiative – Jessica Leggett 11 20 I. Stormwater Infrastructure Scope of Work Discussion – Francine Durso 11 40 J. Reconsideration of Project Funding Due to Substantive Scope and Budget Changes – Seth Robertson 11 55 K. Process for Use of Deobligated CDBG-I Funds – Julie Cubeta (Action Item) 12 15 Lunch Break 1 30 L. Future Funding Levels and the Potential for SRF Leveraging – Kim Colson 1 45 M. Key Program Metrics – Jennifer Haynie 2 05 N. Potential Legislative Changes – Kim Colson 2 25 O. Informal Comments from the Public 2 35 P. Concluding Remarks by Authority Members, Chair and Counsel 2 45 Q. Adjourn Reminder to All Authority Members Members having a question about a conflict of interest or potential conflict should consult with the Chair or with legal counsel. Reminder to Authority Members Appointed by the Governor Executive Order 34 mandates that in transacting Commission business each person appointed by the Governor shall act always in the best interest of the public without regard for his or her financial interests. To this end, each appointee must recuse himself or herself from voting on any matter on which the appointee has a financial interest.
Meeting Type: in person
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