Land Records Management Section

NEW Land Records FAQs are now available. Land Records Management Section assists local governments in establishing standards for the indexing and electronic access and storage of vital land records involved in real property transactions.  The Section provides expertise in the creation and improvement of large-scale county maps and record-keeping procedures with an emphasis on computerization.  Local governments wishing to modernize and standardize their land records receive technical assistance from the Section in seven major areas:

Base mapping

Cadastral mapping

Parcel identifiers

Automation of land records

Uniform Indexing of land records

Uniform recording and indexing for maps, plats and condominiums.

Security and reproduction of land records.

The Section is also responsible for maintaining the municipal annexation maps and ordinances, municipal charter amendments, and county boundary maps that are required to be filed with the Department of the Secretary of State.

N.C. Secretary of State, Improvement of Land Records

Notice of Denied Lien or Encumbrance Filing

Order Adopting Notice of Denied Lien or Encumbrance Filing NEW!

Form - Notice of Denied Lien or Encumbrance Filing NEW!

Upcoming Workshops And Training

2016 Spring - Research (State Archives)
2016 Spring - NC Geodetic Report
2016 Spring - PLS-GIS (NCBELS)
2016 Spring - NC One Map
2016 Spring - E-Record (Plats)
2016 Spring - Case Law (Deeds)
2016 Spring Land Records Workshop - Registration Form
2015 The Plat- Its place in Land Records
Review Officer Workshop
2014 Land Records Workshop Wills & intestate Succession
2014 Land Records Workshop - Reading a Deed
2014 Land Records Workshop - Mineral Rights
2014 Land Records Workshop - Easement Basics

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Certified Property Mappers

The Land Records Management Section certifies local government property mappers through an application and training process.  Certified property mappers must have the minimum skills necessary to create and maintain large-scale cadastral maps in their county.  


Best Practice Manual for Digital Cadastral Base Mapping In North Carolina 7-11-16
Technical Specifications for Digital Orthophoto Base Mapping 12-11-2014
2014 County Map Size Requirements
North Carolina Technical Specifications for LiDAR Base Mapping Adopted 1-30-2013
NC Certified Mappers Certification 10-12-13
Minimum Standards of Indexing Real Property Instruments Effective July 1, 2012
Municipalities - Filing Annexations and Charters
NC Base Mapping file naming convention
Senior Mapper Qualifications
State Certification of Property Mappers
Technical Specifications for Cadastral Base Digital Mapping, Spring 2007

NEW! Electronic Recording Standards 2011

Certified property mappers are also responsible for reviewing maps for quality and validity prior to the maps being recorded in the Registers’ of Deeds offices.  When serving in this capacity, certified mappers are the official Mapping Review Officers for their counties.

North Carolina Registers of Deeds

The Section conducts management and comparative salary studies for the Offices of the Registers of Deeds, including the review and approval of register of deeds satellite offices.  At the conclusion of each study the Department of the Secretary of State, through the Land Records Management Section, presents written findings and non-binding recommendations to the County Boards of Commissioners and the Register of Deeds of each county.  The Section also administers the  Minimum Standards For Indexing Real Property Instruments (pdf format).

 For information on Modernization and Simplification of Notary Public Laws and E-Notarization

Land Records Management Advisory Committee

An advisory committee assists the Department of the Secretary of State in the planning and administration of the Land Records Management Section’s programs.  The Secretary appoints 12 members to the committee who represent the following organizations:

The North Carolina Association of Assessing Officers

The North Carolina Section of the American Society of Photogrammetry

The North Carolina Chapter of the American Institute of Planners

The North Carolina Section of the American Society of Civil Engineers

The North Carolina Property Mappers’ Association

The North Carolina Association of Registers of Deeds

The North Carolina Bar Association

The North Carolina Society of Land Surveyors

The North Carolina Association of County Commissioners

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