The following is a list of vendors that met system compliance with the N. C. "Minimum Standards for Indexing Real Property Instruments" during the Land Records Indexing Compliance Review Project (’08—’09).The list contains the specific product names, versions, and version dates, if available, of the systems that were determined to be in compliance with the Standards as of July 7, 2009.

AmCad--Product Name: AiLIS5; Version: 5.008.30064; Version Date: 6/9/09

Aptitude Solutions--Product Name: OnCore; Version: 3.302.109; Version Date:7/07/09

Business Information Systems (BIS)--Product Name: The Registry; Version: 3.1; Version Date: 2/26/09

COTT Systems--(1)Product Name: Resolution; Version: 2.4.34; Version Date: 2/5/09. (2) Product Name: Resolution 3; Version 3.1.04; Version Date: 2/2/09

Courthouse Computer Systems--Version Date: 10/16/08

Government Data Services--Product Name:GDS Advantage; Version: 4.1BB; Version Date: 1/15/09

Inttek--Product Name: Recording Pro; Version: 5.1; Version Date: 9/08

Lincoln County In-House System--Product Name:Lincoln County Consolidated Real Property Index; Version:AS400; Version Date: 5/28/09

Logan Systems, Inc--Product Name: Index Input 2009.0; Version: Logan Receipting 1.08.0551; Version Date: 12/16/09

Manatron, Inc.--(1)Product Name: Anthem, Version: Version Date: 3/20/09. (2)Product Name: A2; Version; Version Date: 5/20/09

Parker-Lowe & Associates--Product Name:RealX; Version: 1.0.265; Version Date: 3/4/09

Team ia--Product Name: SelectFit; Version V3.0; Version Date: 10/16/2009 as revised on 10/27/2009.

Tyler Technologies--Product Name:Eagle Recorder; Version:; Version Date: 1/14/09

Wake County Register of Deeds In-House System--Product Name:(Northrop Grumman) ePower; Version: 6.4;Version Date: 3/18/09