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Previous Educational Projects

SEAHEC Solidifies International Library Partnership with the Scientific Medical Library of the Republic of Moldova
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International Partnership Agreement between UNC-System University Libraries and The Free International University of Moldova Library
On January 14, 2011, the Free International University of Moldova Library and five libraries within the University of North Carolina signed an agreement to develop relations with the goal of promoting the exchange of publications, librarians and research projects.
UNC Gillings School of Global Public Health Involvement in the NC-Moldova State Partnership Program
See how the UNC Gillings School of Global Public Health is involved in the NC-Moldova State Partnership Program.
NC State University in Support of Moldova's Agriculture
Click here to see a brochure detailing the work the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences has done to support Moldova's agriculture industry.
A Visit to Moldova: An Update on Our Library's Partnership with Scientific Medical Library of Moldova
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Peacekeeping Unit Level Event (July 2009)
Recently 13 soldiers from the North Carolina Army National Guard (NCARNG) arrived in Moldova to assist the Moldovan Peacekeeping Battalion (PKO BN) through the NATO OCC (Operational Capability Concept) level 1 evaluation. A company consisting of approximately 150 soldiers is being evaluated for their skills and proficiency in areas such as check point operations, cordon and search and convoy operations.

This is the second consecutive year that a team of soldiers from North Carolina has worked with the Moldovans in their quest to become OCC certified.

The Moldovan North Carolina Partnership

By Silvia Ciubrei, Scientific Medical Library of the Republic of Moldova,
Diane Darrow, BS, Coastal AHEC Library, Wilmington, North Carolina USA
Donna Flake, MSLS, Coastal AHEC Library, Wilmington, North Carolina USA

In 2006 all the twelve North Carolina medical libraries began a partnership with the Scientific Medical Library of Moldova. This ongoing partnership is part of a bilateral agreement between the Governor of North Carolina and President Voronin of Moldova. North Carolina Secretary of State, Elaine Marshall, coordinates many programs between North Carolina and Moldova. This partnership is modeled on the Sister Library initiative of the Medical Library Association with the Medical Library of Latvia.

The Scientific Medical Library serves as the National Medical Library for Moldova. The library is part of the State Medical and Pharmaceutical University Nicolae Testemitanui which has 1,000 professors, 4,800 students, 1,800 residents, and 91 residency programs. There are 6 faculties within the university and they are: General Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Public Health, and Residency and Training Courses for Doctors. The library employs 62 staff members. The library owns 1,200,000 books and journals (almost all in Russian). The library's collection is spread over several locations at the university. The library has five reading rooms, two information centers, and three internet classrooms located in the student hostels. It also has branches located in the Psychiatric Hospital, the City Hospital, and in the School of Training for Nurses.

This new program is fantastic and we appreciate it and value it. The partnership has made a tremendous difference to all of us at the medical school and we are sure this will contribute to the improvement of the system of medical education and health care in our country. Comments by Dr. Nicolae Esanu, President of the State Medical and Pharmaceutical University.

Over 7,000 current medical books and journals were shipped from North Carolina medical libraries to the Scientific Medical Library of Moldova.

  • Health sciences Library, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC
  • Duke University Medical Center Library, Durham, NC
  • Laupus Health Sciences Library, East Carolina University, Greenville, NC
  • Coy C. Carpenter Library, Wake Forest University School of Medicine, Winston-Salem
  • Coastal AHEC Medical Library, Wilmington, NC
  • Charlotte AHEC Library and Information Resource Center, Charlotte, NC
  • Northwest AHEC Libraries, Hickory, Salisbury, and Boone, NC
  • Mountain AHEC Health Sciences Library, Asheville, NC
  • Moses Cone Health System Library, Greensboro, NC
  • Area L AHEC Library /Information Center, Rocky Mount, NC
  • Wake AHEC Medical Library, Raleigh, NC
  • Southern Regional AHEC Information Access Center, Fayetteville, NC

On June 18, 2009 the Moldova - NC Partnership helped with the donation of new medical books and journals in Moldova.

Medical Library Books Project

NCSU just delivered a complete 13,000 technical and scientific book collection to a University in Moldova.

Most libraries in North Carolina receive a lot of different free books from publishing companies. Sometimes the Library can’t utilize all these books and then donate them to others. In this context the Library of the Medical University in NC has agreed to donate such books to Medical libraries in Moldova. A partnership between the University in NC and the Medical University in Chisinau to maintain a regular supply of medical books to Moldova is being explored.

Some of the problems to overcome are the inventorying, storage and the shipment of these books.

School-to-School Projects.

  • This project has the purpose of restarting an earlier, successful project to match classroom to enable HS students to no only become pen pals, but to also jointly study the same texts and then share their ideas and points of view. It became possible and more accessible now, because the number of schools with Internet access is growing and there are a high number of English speaking students and teachers all over the Moldova.
  • The NC [NCSU, Goodwill Industries, SAS Institute and Counterpart International] project of PC donations to the Chisinau Schools is shipping 283 computers this August. The actual shipping costs were underwritten by donations through the Kanuga Conference Center in Hendersonville. The intent is to eventually provide 1000 computers and the creation of 100 computer learning labs in the public schools. SunTV as a donation will provide the equipment installation and Internet service connections at the schools. See attachment Blue for additional background information.
  • The exchange of students as interns has continued and is now including an increasing number of college students.
AHEC Library Project Briefing
The leaders from the Coastal AHEC Medical Library in Wilmington are leading a partnership between the Scientific Medical Library of the State Medical Pharmaceutical University Nicolae Testimitanu in Moldova and all medical libraries in North Carolina. Approximately $100,000 of donated library online subscriptions was secured by Mrs. Donna Flack from Wilmington AHEC for this program (5years subscriptions).


University Partnership
In December of 1998, Frank M. Swett, in his capacity at that time as Military Liaison Team Chief, discussed the possibility of a university partnership in Moldova with the Public Affairs Officer at the U. S. Embassy, Julianne Paunescu. Mrs. Paunescu pointed out that there was funding available through the United States Information Agency to support these partnerships, but so far no US institutions had expressed an interest. Mr. Swett discussed the possibility with Rector Cimpoes of the State Agrarian University of Moldova, who enthusiastically supported the concept. Back in North Carolina, NC State University and UNC-Greensboro both agreed to participate. Dr. Bill Crowther, from UNC-G, agreed to write the grant proposal for the UNC system, which was approved in 1999. The primary institutions in North Carolina are UNC-G, for business – partnered with the International Institute for Management in Chisinau, and NC State University , for agriculture – represented by Dr. George Wilson, partnered with the State Agrarian University of Moldova. As of June, 2001 there have been a total of ten exchanges of professors and administrators between the universities, and more are planned for September, 2001.
High School Partnership

In 1999 a high school partnership was begun between Ion Creanga Liceu in Chisinau and Northern Forsyth High School in Winston-Salem, NC. The students of both schools posted biographies on a joint web page, read books together, and did book reports as class projects. The teachers involved were Candi Lavender at Northern Forsyth and Valentina Mitrofan at Ion Creanga. (Students at North Forsyth raised money for a donation to an orphanage in Moldova. This provided fresh milk to the children for a year.)

In 2001 Mrs. Lavender began working at Parkland High School in Winston-Salem and formed a second partnership with Lyceum V. Alecsandri in Ungheni with teachers, Elena Chelaru and Diane Rectu. Students at Parkland shared information about Moldova with their student body. Both schools created virtual field trips of their communities. In 2002 students are working on a project to collect, share, and compare local folktales. Mrs. Lavender went to Moldova in September 2001 and visited both partnership schools.

The partnerships were organized and facilitated by Ms. Diane Midness of the Center for International Understanding.

Moldovan Sponsorship Program
Sponsoring young orphans to assists with their education; Ms. Sandy Carmany, through the Carolina Adoption Services has participated in the recruitment of a number of people in Greensboro to participate in the program as well.
State University of Medicine Moldova and East Carolina School of Medicine Project
As part of the collaboration between the East Carolina University and the State University of Medicine in Moldova, the Faculty of Medicine of East Carolina has initiated an educational program for a group of students in Moldova. The Project was launched on the October 4, 2006 with the help of Ms Rosina Chan, Dr Peter Kragel, and Dr Elmer Poe at East Carolina University. Vice Rector Chicu and Dr. Vitalie Lisnic were in charge of the first Lecture Series for Moldova’s faculty and students. The program consists of lectures and seminars conducted via video conferences. As the project develops it targets various medical issues which both states are concerned about. The objective of both institutions is to learn about medical issues and the way medicine is taught in both countries and aims to target a large group of specialists and students hoping to encourage an on-going teaching scheme between North Carolina and Moldova.
Educational Posters Project
The posters project was first initiated in December 2004 in Raleigh and was further discussed, in January 2005 at Chisinau during a discussion between the Secretary of State of North Carolina representatives and the Deputy Minister of Education in Moldova The project aimed to obtain the copyright of a publishing company in the United States and give the right to a Moldovan publisher to print educational posters and materials. The copyright was donated in September 2006 by a publishing company named Scholastic Inc. Mr Terry Cooper, Vice-President of Teaching Resources has granted permission and the right to translate and reprint the posters for use in Moldovan schools and kindergartens. The project will be further discussed by the Moldovan Ministry of Education, Scholastic Inc. and the Moldova World Children Fund, in order to agree on further proceedings and implementation of the project.
Computer Donation Project
283 PersonalComputers were delivered to Moldova at the end of September, 2005. Sun Communications hired a third-party contractor to inspect and repair all computers. All 283 computers were delivered to schools by Sun Communications as part of this public-private partnership. A public event was held Tuesday, 11 October 2005, to announce the delivery and installation of the computers. Ambassador Hodges was the guest of honor, and the event was well covered by local media. Computers were donated also to Deaf School and Blind School Technological Lyceum for Children with Poor Eyesight in Chisinau.
Collaboration and Pen pals with North Carolina Schools
In January 2006, several schools from Moldova, including the schools for children with hearing and eyesight disabilities have responded to the call for collaboration and have been paired with North Carolina schools. The project aims to establish a relationship between young people from the two states and encourage communication on a long-term basis.
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