"Thinking of donating your car to charity? Don't get taken for a ride." -- Elaine F. Marshall, Secretary of State

Consumers nationwide -- including North Carolina consumers -- have been receiving telephone calls and seeing newspaper ads asking them to donate their cars to charity. Some of these offers contain extraordinary claims about how much a consumer can deduct from federal taxes for donating a car.

The Internal Revenue Service and the National Association of State Charity Officials got together, analyzed the issues surrounding car donations, and released an informative article about this topic for consumers -- just in time for the holidays!

We encourage you to download the release and see for yourself what car donation programs are all about, and the tax issues donating a car might raise for you, before you decide to donate your vehicle.

We've posted this document in Adobe portable document format (PDF) for your convenience. The Adobe Acrobat reader is a free download, and we maintain a link to the Adobe site on the Agency's main page.

If you have questions or comments about this document, please feel free to contact us.

NASCO Joint Press Release on Car Donations (12/03/2001)