Federal Trade Commission

www.ftc.gov -- The official site for the Federal Trade Commission, providing national consumer tips, alerts, and information.

Internal Revenue Service

www.irs.gov -- The official site of the federal Internal Revenue Service. We highly recommend this site as the authoritative source for federal tax information. The site also provides specific online services, such as:

IRS Tax Statistics

www.irs.gov/taxstats/index.html -- A gateway for downloading statistical information from the Statistics of Income unit of the federal Internal Revenue Service.

IRS Charities and Non-Profit Search

www.irs.gov/charities/page/0,,id=15053,00.html -- The IRS provides this search service to enable inquirers to confirm the tax-exempt status of Charities or Non-Profits.

Nonprofit Gateway

www.nonprofit.gov -- A portal site linking to federal government sites, documents, and other resources for nonprofit organizations.

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