North Carolina - Moldova Partnership



North Carolina Members of the Committee

Rep. Phil Baddour - House Majority Leader of the NC General Assembly, co-chair of the committee

Ms. Elaine F. Marshall - NC Secretary of State, co-chair of the committee

Sub-Committee Members and Staff

Humanitarian Outreach Educational, cultural, governmental exchanges Economic development/commerce Funding
Dr. Morton Meltzer Dr. Gerald H. Elkan Dr. William Crowther Mr. James D. West Mayor Jack Cavanaugh Jr.
Col. Frank M. Swett Ms. Ann Lichtner Dr. Gerald H. Elkan Mr. John L. McKenzie Mr. Rodney Maddox
Mr. Florin PindicBlaj Ms. Peggy Wesp Ms. Sandra Carmany Mr. Steve Cavanaugh Jr. Dr. Stephen B. Mackler
Mr. James D. West Dr. Stephen C. Scott Col. Frank M. Swett
Ms. Ann Lichtner Dr. Stephen C. Scott
Dr. Robert Gutter Dr. William Crowther
Dr. Ronald H.  Levine Mr. Smithson Mills
Mr. Florin PindicBlaj Mr. Dan Hickman
Ms. Trudy Atkins Mr. Peter Cunningham


Other persons involved with the committee:

Felice Gavin - Carolina Adoption Services

Robert Newton - President; Moses Cone - Wesley Long Community Health Foundation; committee volunteer 

Judi Lund Person - President and CEO of The Carolinas Center for Hospice and End of Life Care; committee volunteer 

LTC. Steven Sloan - NC National Guard representative; assists in coordinating committee programs

Robert C. Wells - Volunteer for Citizens Network for Foreign Affairs in Moldova

Dr. George Wilson - Cultural Coordinator of International Programs, College of Agricultural and Life Sciences, North Carolina State University; committee member

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