NASAA Task Force Monitoring Internet for Fraud Following Outbreak of Ebola-Related Website Names. To read the alert, please click here.
Click here! Check out our Calendar of Upcoming Events to see if there will be an anti-fraud presentation near you. These events are updated on an on-going basis, so be sure to check back periodically.
Request a speaker! Would you like to help the NC Securities Division end investment fraud in our state? The Division can provide a speaker who will come to your church, school, business, group or organization, to discuss how to recognize and avoid shady investment schemes, the principles of investing safely, and things all businesses should know before seeking investors. If you would like to request a speaker, please email Please enable Javascript to view or Please enable Javascript to view or call (919) 733-3924 or toll-free (800) 688-4507.
Remember: One five-minute call to the Securities Division before you hand your hard-earned money to anyone promising a great investment opportunity could protect your entire life’s savings from being stolen from you.