Recently the General Assembly passed legislation to protect customers when purchasing tickets via the internet and to prohibit the use of software to unfairly purchase tickets over the internet. To view the entire Senate Bill, please choose the link “Legislation” to the left.

The venue where an event will occur may prohibit the resale of admission tickets for the event at a price greater than the price on the face of the ticket.

To prohibit the resale of tickets, the venue must file a Notice of Prohibition of the resale of admission tickets for a specified event with the Secretary of State’s Office and post the Notice of Prohibition conspicuously on the venue’s website.

A prohibition may not become valid until 30 days after the Notice is posted on the venue’s website.

The prohibition expires on December 31 of each year unless the prohibition is renewed.

To renew a prohibition, a venue must renew its Notice of Prohibition filed with the Secretary of State and must post the notice on the venue’s website. A venue who files a Notice of Prohibition must pay a fee in the amount of $125. A venue that renews a Notice of Prohibition must pay a fee in the amount of $25.

Both Notices are to be filed with the Corporations Division within the Secretary of State’s Office.The Corporations Division can determine if there has been a Notice filed for a specific event only and cannot answer questions regarding any other portion of Article 44 of Chapter 14 of the North Carolina General Statutes.


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